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    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. We at KT Exclusive believe that beautiful surrounding is a powerful means to express a person's individual personality. That’s why we continually challenge ourselves to create unforgettable design experiences. Brilliant wall coverings and murals as well as matching fabrics by KT Exclusive are famous for their superior performance, ultimate sensations and exceptional quality and reliability. With foresight and imagination our talented team of in-house designers and technicians connect and leverage their skills with unique competences, offering incredible breadth of color and innovations in printing processes, service and distribution. 


    Textile wall covering CHANCE

    In the description of the famous CHANEL CHANCE fragrance of both eau de toilette and perfume (their difference is only in the degree of concentration), it is emphasized that they are at the same time classic and mode...

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    DELAUNAY velvet textiles 

    The name of the decorative fabrics collection DELAUNAY is not by accident the same as the name of the French abstractionist of the early twentieth century Robert Delaunay. Being the author of the art direction Orphism...

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    THEO Trendy Textiles

    The collection of interior textiles THEO continues developing the ideas of the European architect and artist Theo van Doesburg (Netherlands) concerning the unity of the house exterior and its internal decor, ...

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    Textured wallpapers STUDIO TEXTURES

    American STUDIO TEXTURES wallpaper for residential and public spaces credibly imitate natural fabrics. Such designs look fresh and original, add delicacy to the interiors and create great opportunities for pur...

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    Flowers, animals and birds on FLORA & FAUNA wallpaper

    Monochrome wallpaper with a jute texture in nude and sea blue colors, as well as wallpaper imitating sailing boats coarse linen in pastel and dark blue shades, would serve as perfect companions for original de...

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