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Epoca Brand

For our new brand Epoca we’ve taken inspiration from the ageless spirit of Rome, romantic charm of Venice, splendor and glamour of Milan and boldness of Naples. All of it is Italy - a land with glorious past and passionate today, the land that everyone falls in love with at first sight.

Elite textile wallcovering collections Epoca, so different yet so close embody the spirit of classical design, the idea of luxury and sumptuousness. Six exclusive collections as six senses - each one is special and together they have a power to create a complete picture of the world around us.

Connecting the past and the future, the Epoca wallcoverings are manufactured in Italy using the latest technologies and best know-hows which allows us saying: we are the best at what we do! High density of threads, teflon coating, finest colour solutions, versatile set of unique patterns created by the most celebrated names in business: all this meant to take one’s breath away. Just open your doors and let your guests admire one of the Epoca masterpieces manufactured by KT Exclusive.

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