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English Elegance

The eye-catching 'ENGLISH ELEGANCE' wallpaper by the HEMISPHERE brand from KT Exclusive will surround us with an atmosphere of harmony in apartment design traditions with genuine English elegance. The successes of 18th-century Victorian society ensured long-term economic stability for England and the flourishing of interior design art. Floral medallions and vignettes over classic vertical stripes exude the elegance of regular English parks. Pale-pink tulips bask in the rays of the morning sun. Roses, lilies-of-the-valley, and violets sprinkle like golden rain on the pale background of an old plastered wall in shabby-chic style (season trend)—their delicate color palette will add charm to bedrooms, dining rooms, and boudoirs. Scenes of British blue-blooded riders hunting with Beagle dogs; a landscape with noble deer peacefully grazing among the thickets of English wastelands—the charm of the Victorian era will lend coziness to modern 'true' gentlemen's offices and club lounges. Damasks woven from grapevines and laurel branches form elegant vases and candelabras—attributes of the luxury of English apartments. Solid soft furniture of classic form, laconic modular furniture made of dark rosewood, acacia, and wenge in colonial style will successfully continue the main theme of the 'ENGLISH ELEGANCE' wallpaper. The elegance, eco-friendliness, and high quality of 'ENGLISH ELEGANCE' wallpaper from KT Exclusive have been duly appreciated—these wall coverings have been honored with the prestigious International 'ECO-CHIC' award.

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