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Destination Usa

Take a ride and take in the sites of the open road. Destination USA is a glimpse of the beauty and diversity found across the States. Travel through high rise cities, relax by the sea, heat up In the sand, and trek into the mountains of America’s wilderness. Scenic designs of the different regions help create the visual road trip of this collection. Patterns of license plates from across the country give a glimpse of where your headed. Traditional designs with a nautical feel can be found in Cape Cod. Trendy and tropical palm leaves and pineapples can be found in The Keys. Busy street signs guide your way through New York. Hints of metallic make an appearance in the Hollywood hills. Cabins on a mountain top transform you into the Rockies, and patters featuring moose and soaring eagles take you to Alaska. Designs from each region are uniquely colored to set the atmosphere. Bring the memories of travel to the home. Let the Adventure begin!

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