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  • 18 December 2022
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DELAUNAY velvet textiles 

The name of the decorative fabrics collection DELAUNAY is not by accident the same as the name of the French abstractionist of the early twentieth century Robert Delaunay. Being the author of the art direction Orphism Delaunay has created abstract paintings full of sensuality and expressive dynamics of color. His works are highly appreciated and can be seen in major museums around the world from Scotland to Japan and Australia. The velvets of the DELAUNAY textile collection have short fibers and visually and by touch resemble the softest suede. The balanced color palette in 45 basic tones and the finest shades of coffee and chocolate, cinnamon and malachite, powdered mustard bark and lime peel, terracotta and ripe pomegranate peel, mint and basil leaves, sea waves and the night sky, all looking exquisite and decorative. Rich lilac and cherry tones, merlot, fuchsia and marsala, olives and pistachio fascinate with the nobility of shades and dimmed velvety softness.

Tags: Fabrics Velvet

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  • 18 December 2022
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THEO Trendy Textiles

The collection of interior textiles THEO continues developing the ideas of the European architect and artist Theo van Doesburg (Netherlands) concerning the unity of the house exterior and its internal decor, and general principles of space organization. Although van Doesburg, together with like-minded people (like legendary Mondrian, Kandinsky, and the creators of the Bauhaus school) became innovators at the beginning of the twentieth century, his work continues to influence global trends in the development of modern architecture and design. Theo van Doesburg as an artist worked in the manner of Cubism in the early twentieth century. All his paintings - Card Players (1917), Rag-time (1918) with a dancing couple, abstract compositions - are surprisingly modern and remain masterpieces for all time.

Tags: Fabrics

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  • 26 September 2022
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Textured wallpapers STUDIO TEXTURES

American STUDIO TEXTURES wallpaper for residential and public spaces credibly imitate natural fabrics. Such designs look fresh and original, add delicacy to the interiors and create great opportunities for pursuing the designer’s tasks. Decorative wallpaper in Boho style with a textured gauze pattern (fabric for summer clothes with ethnic elements) looks airy and soft, just like this material. The slight deformation of intertwined cotton or linen threads on STUDIO TEXTURES wallpaper looks very natural. The rich colors of Cahors wine, coffee beans, haze, dawn fog and blue ice are meant for the walls of offices, halls, bedrooms and living rooms and satisfy the most demanding tastes of the owners.

Tags: Wallpapers Living room Scandinavian

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  • 26 September 2022
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Flowers, animals and birds on FLORA & FAUNA wallpaper

Monochrome wallpaper with a jute texture in nude and sea blue colors, as well as wallpaper imitating sailing boats coarse linen in pastel and dark blue shades, would serve as perfect companions for original designs with FLORA & FAUNA prints. FLORA & FAUNA rolled wallpaper with a diagonal parquet "herringbone" print makes you feel a little nostalgic for natural materials finishings (stained oak, walnut, ash tree, Karelian birch), which over time become only better and look nobler having acquired some aristocratic gloss. 

Tags: Wallpapers Wallpaper for kids Hygge Scandinavian

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  • 26 November 2020
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Warm Christmas with Peel & Stick Wallpapers

We are excited to introduce our "Warm Christmas" designs as part of our Inspiration Stories series for the upcoming Holidays. Wallpaper is Atmosphere, We all want snow for the new year! Nothing creates the atmosphere of the New Year holiday like a Christmas tree and snowflakes circling outside the window or flying on the walls in the house. We are excited to introduce our new edge cut technology product - Special self-adhesive Peel & stick design wallpapers. The new product have been created for a fancy interior decoration, Self-adhesive wallpapers with New Year's motifs are surprisingly practical: just remove the protective film from the inside and press it against a smooth and clean wall. Then spread it over with a plastic spatula and the wallpaper will adhere firmly to the wall. If necessary, you can easily remove them from the wall and stick them back on, even several times. You can use this quality not only on the walls, but also on doors, cupboard furniture or even in elevators to achieve the desired atmosphere in the interior. A mother-of-pearl or gray-blue background, like snow drifts in daylight and at winter twilight.

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