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Cambridge Collection by REGENCY

The Cambridge Collection is the premier release for the Regency Brand by KT Exclusive. Designed from antique documents from the 18th century, the patterns are formal in nature and are derived from French and English influences as well as the Exotic East. Claremont Rose is a large scale pattern with elegant swags with a soft stripe in the ground, much like the woven silk jacquards that graced the homes of European mansions. The coordinating stripe allows for room to hall transitions. The Classic damask design, Regency Stripe, is over-scaled and luxurious, perfect for an room of the home. The Wilshire floral stripe is a formally rendered toile, offered in a soft pretty palette of soft neutrals and a pretty lilac colorway. English inspired romantic florals Jardin Anglais, and Aberdeen are versatile in the color range

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Parisian Florals

An elegant collection of designs based on late 17th and early18th french textile documents are re-interpreted for today's interiors. An understated and antiquity inspired aesthetic was the driving force in design at the time, as well as a return to nature, symbolized by Marie Antoinette's hamlet. The patterns in this offering range from pretty and delicate florals, suited for the bedroom and more feminine areas of the home to the stronger jacobean patterns, perfect for dining rooms, living spaces and center hallways.

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legacy by ktLEGACY - the phenomenon of spiritual life, lifestyle and values that descends from the predecessor to his heir . For over a decade KT Exclusive have been delivering quality interior decoration to designers, architects, decorators and retailers all over the world. Eclecticism and multirange of our fabrics and wall coverings offers our discerning customers a brilliant spectrum of products that meets the most demanding of tastes. The best designers in the world of décor are constantly developing new creative solutions to astound our clientele. So just a few years after introducing the highly celebrated wallpaper brand FATHER & SONS we are now very proud to announce that KT Exclusive has extended our programme even more to create a complete new range of elite wallcoverings.

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Studio 465

studio smallStudio 465 is a global brand without limits that sets new standards of excellence in the Wallcoverings Industry. The collections are inspired by the unique design Sensibilities of today’s modern cities and are a reflection of the diverse world we Live in. Creative packaging and graphic innovation give this energetic brand a modern look and feel.

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Father and Sons

fandsThere’s hardly anything in each and every man’s life more important than family. The highly celebrated brand Father&Sons is inspired by long family traditions and values that have been respected throughout the years of hard work. A combination of an abundant experience and new, fresh look of the younger generation encourages us to create top, luxurious wallcovering collections, the main idea of which is classical styling with a slight touch of sophistication along with modern manufacturing technologies.

Wallcoverings are one of the most important things in the interior decoration. They enliven the atmosphere and underline the style and taste and personality of the landlord.

It has always been KT Exclusive’s mission to improve our customers standards of living and bring luxury into everyday life.

West-European residencies are well known for their luxurious and refined interiors. Inspired by the chic and splendor of old French chateaus and based on the classic tapestries KT Exclusive’s designers create the high quality non-woven wallcovering brand Father & Sons.

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