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Studio 465

studio smallStudio 465 is a global brand without limits that sets new standards of excellence in the Wallcoverings Industry. The collections are inspired by the unique design Sensibilities of today’s modern cities and are a reflection of the diverse world we Live in. Creative packaging and graphic innovation give this energetic brand a modern look and feel.

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Father and Sons

fandsThere’s hardly anything in each and every man’s life more important than family. The highly celebrated brand Father&Sons is inspired by long family traditions and values that have been respected throughout the years of hard work. A combination of an abundant experience and new, fresh look of the younger generation encourages us to create top, luxurious wallcovering collections, the main idea of which is classical styling with a slight touch of sophistication along with modern manufacturing technologies.

Wallcoverings are one of the most important things in the interior decoration. They enliven the atmosphere and underline the style and taste and personality of the landlord.

It has always been KT Exclusive’s mission to improve our customers standards of living and bring luxury into everyday life.

West-European residencies are well known for their luxurious and refined interiors. Inspired by the chic and splendor of old French chateaus and based on the classic tapestries KT Exclusive’s designers create the high quality non-woven wallcovering brand Father & Sons.

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Tiffany Designs

tiffany smallKT Exclusive’s young brand Tiffany collection enjoyed a resonant success with its launch this year - two new designer wallcovering collections Crystal Light and Black Pearl are equally striking with their modern edge and classic finesse. While creating these we always keep to KT Exclusive principles of novel and exclusive wallcoverings. Crystal Light - a stunning range of sophisticated feature wallpaper with small size iridescent glass beads attached onto a hard quality non-woven substrate. Black Pearl - a flashy and alluring collection, which plays with the effects of light and shadow, glamorous, yet tasteful, classic in details and highly versatile. The original designs feature large scale damasks, contemporary stripes and stylish geometrics. Displayed in a palette of fine up-to-date colours the Tiffany collections are a true statement for of impeccable taste celebrating excellence and quality lifestyle. Manufactured in one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the world our wallcoverings undergo strict quality control allowing us deliver you a product of the highest quality. And last but not the least: beautiful catalogues, eye catching and chic will become the heart and core of every showroom. Tiffany Collection offers truly wonderful wallcoverings that inspire you to improve your living!

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Epoca - Textile wallcovering

epoca smallFor our new brand Epoca we’ve taken inspiration from the ageless spirit of Rome, romantic charm of Venice, splendor and glamour of Milan and boldness of Naples. All of it is Italy - a land with glorious past and passionate today, the land that everyone falls in love with at first sight. Elite textile wallcovering collections Epoca, so different yet so close embody the spirit of classical design, the idea of luxury and sumptuousness. Six exclusive collections as six senses - each one is special and together they have a power to create a complete picture of the world around us. Connecting the past and the future, the Epoca wallcoverings are manufactured in Italy using the latest technologies and best know-hows which allows us saying: we are the best at what we do! High density of threads, teflon coating, finest colour solutions, versatile set of unique patterns created by the most celebrated names in business: all this meant to take one’s breath away. Just open your doors and let your guests admire one of the Epoca masterpieces manufactured by KT Exclusive.

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