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Shimmer - the new collection from KT Exclusive - stylish wallpapers with a shining look. Elegant radiance is one of the most fashionable trends of recent years. Now in vogue is a slight shimmer of precious stones or metal, not abundant glitter, which was popular in the 1990s. Wallpaper with glitter enriches the interior and it seems that it does not only work as background for beautiful furniture and paintings, but also to become the main decoration of your walls. In addition, the slight glimmer of the wallpaper creates an interesting visual effect: it reflects light all over and expands the space, making the room larger. The Shimmer collection is truly fancy, restrained and aristocratic. The designers paid special attention to the colour palette, which looks very elegant, calm, and also a little bit cold. Predominant are shades of precious and semi-precious stones: pearls, agate, sapphire, lapis lazuli, ivory, and of course marble...

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Brownstone designer wallcoverings

New collection Brownstone from KT Exclusive – it contains wallcoverings in eco-style, which is the most trendy fashion direction in the interior design in recent years. Wallpapers Brownstone were created to make your home warm and comfortable. They have nice natural textures, which were all borrowed from nature and have subtle natural shades. The colour palette of Brownstone wallcoverings is a very refined and delicate cocktail. It's a gamma of muted colours, with a fashionable "powdery" effect. Nothing flashy meets the eye, but a lot of smoky shades: smoky blue, smoky grey, smoky green, smoky taupe, ashy rose... This palette will never get boring and helps to create an oasis of calmness and tranquility. In addition, one look at these wallpapers already make you feel warmer. That is very important for rooms with windows facing North, and altogether for all houses having a Northern climate. However, the wallcoverings with powdery shades have the opposite effect.

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KT Exclusive presents Fusion - a new collection of fashionable wallpapers - this is a way to create a very stylish interior with notes of your personality. Fusion style replaced the very popular minimalism and constructivism and it really lets your fancy fly. Fusion is a true stylistic hooliganism. The word means blending and merging. It's a fashionable and often quite explosive cocktail: classic columns can be combined with tiger skins on the floor or shining glass and chrome high-tech is complemented by ethnic motives on the wallpaper. The colour-scheme is a very important part of this style. Fusion requires bright colours: yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green. But they should be in the right proportions with the basic colours of the style: white, grey and brown. Basically, you achieve the brightness by usage of colour patches. This could be cushions on the sofa or a wallpaper on the accent wall and in the niche. Vivid animal and floral designs are ideal for making accents, like in such designs as the ZEBRA (a graceful stylized animal skin pattern), GINKO LEAF (thin silhouettes of Ginkgo leaves, look more like something for China fans) or the very cosy BERRIES title (clusters of berries, seem as if they were drawn with silver and gold paint on the fabric).

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Elegance and chic, grace and nobility - all this you can find in the new collection Mica from KT Exclusive. These designer wallpapers will be an exclusive adornment for your walls. Their singularity lies in a mysterious shimmer and a soft shine, that change depending on the lighting, the colours of wallcoverings and the volume of the figures printed on them. The name of the collection - Mica - reminds of a fine mineral, which was, since ancient times, so popular by jewelers as an inlay for precious boxes, frames for paintings and even for the window glazing in palaces of very rich people. Mica is distinguished by a very beautiful shine and shimmer: a property that is now actively used in luxury cosmetics, by adding mica powder into the cream.

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Uncompromising luxury and Royal gloss. The novelty from KT Exclusive, the Biltmore collection, is for those, who appreciate the richness of decoration and to whom is alien the fashionable, but a bit faceless minimalist style. Biltmore are truly gorgeous wallpapers, worthy of Palace interiors. The authors of the collection were inspired by the majestic Biltmore mansion located in North Carolina. Biltmore is the largest private house in the United States, consisting of 17 thousand square meters and 250 rooms. It's actually a palace, the most luxurious and famous in the USA. The jewel of the French Renaissance style, this mansion also impresses with the beauty of its decoration: there are gildings, ivory, marble and bronze and also precious fabrics, which are used to drape windows and walls. Many of these motifs are reflected in the Biltmore collection. The ELEVATION design is the most direct reference to the Biltmore estate: it is an elegant sketch of the main facade and turrets of the palace.

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