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Новая продукция KT Exclusive

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Canvas Textures - Fashionable wallcoverings

Very fashionable, daring, stylish. The new collection Canvas Textures from KT Exclusive proves that modern wallpapers can also be really luxurious. Moreover, designers were able to find beauty and chic in the most familiar and simple textures, such as patina on metal or the mesh of thin cracks on a plastered wall. The Canvas Textures collection is incredibly picturesque. And, it's probably the first of its kind, thanks to its amazing palette. The colour scheme contains very rich, saturated, juicy shades and their unexpected elegant and attractive combinations: Cornflower Blue and Ochre, Turquoise and Copper, Chocolate and Pistachios. And you cannot find anyrestrained tones or dull colours. But at the same time – all tones belong to the eco-style palette and they are of 100% natural gamma. You must be ready, that the fashion wallpapers from Canvas Textures collection are unlikely to be just a background for furniture or paintings.

They instantly attract attention and certainly become a very important accent in the design of any space. Designer wallcoverings Canvas Textures – they are a very stylish and unusual interpretation of the fashion trend – to decorate walls with wallpaper-imitations of natural materials, such as wood or stone. But the authors of the collection went further – and the Canvas Textures wallcoverings do not just show the resemblance of, for example, a tree bark , as in the BARK title, but express its artistic interpretation.


As if the painter decided to reveal the beauty of the bark: with its roughness and gradual blending of shades. This picturesque feature is presented the best in the WATERCOLOR design – it not only looks like a very spectacular and attractive wallpaper with horizontal stripes, but as if it was the artist's canvas itself, depicting a sea of different shades: from clear azure, to the foggy sea dawn or to the red sunset stripes on light waves. The WOOD TEXTURE title, despite its name and the dominance of beige and cream shades in its drawing, also looks like water, but only the lines, not the wood. Like an ocean painted with the bold strokes of an impressionist.


Incredibly stylish and a bright solution was found for the texture of the LEOPARD SKIN design. The form of the colour spots is really similar to the leopard pattern, but – due to its colours – a completely new interpretation appears. And now we can see a true must-have of the recent seasons – a noble patina pattern. The same effect occurs when you look at the SPLATTER design. And again you are charmed with the magic of colours: rusty drops – they are like droplets of lava on cold steel or the background of rich turquoise covered with scattered dot-bubbles of old paint. The Canvas Textures collection has its own very delightful and original geometry. The fashionable circles (a form which gives harmony to the space) in the design PETRIFIED WOOD look like the prints of woodcuts; another very fashionable shape – honeycomb – in the TILING design is reminiscent of a parquet floor or expensive tiles; and if you want a classical check pattern – you can find it in the mesh of cracks or in the drawing of stone in the titles TAPE and MARBLE.


The beauty of figures on the Canvas Textures paper wallpapers is protected by a thin layer of vinyl spraying. So they less burn out in the sun or get dirty. If you need wallcoverings for moist spaces, such as the kitchen – it is better to choose the bright and luxurious LARGE MARBLE title. The only design in the collection that is especially printed on vinyl and has a high level of durability. Vinyl wallcoverings are even called "timeless". But what is really important – the vinyl coating gives the wallpapers a water-resistant finish and they are also amazingly easy to clean. It can usually be wiped off with a damp cloth to make it look clean and fresh.


If you like a stylish and modern interior that is full of light and colours, but not of furniture. If you keep up with the time and are not afraid of experiments – then the Canvas Textures collection is created especially for you. It is a luxurious cocktail of fashionable lines and juicy colours.

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