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  • 25 February 2024
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Textile wall covering CHANCE

In the description of the famous CHANEL CHANCE fragrance of both eau de toilette and perfume (their difference is only in the degree of concentration), it is emphasized that they are at the same time classic and modern. You can’t choose better words talking about CHANCE textile wallpaper. It is all about the exquisite classic designs and stylish wall coverings produced with nanotechnologies. There is no other legendary personality in the fashion world than the French fashion designer and stylist Coco Chanel. For more than a hundred years (!) the possession of clothes, cosmetics, shoes and accessories with the French charm of the CHANEL brand name has been considered a marker of success all over the civilized world. The Chanel Fashion House has not only French roots.

Russian seasons in Paris of the Diaghilev Ballet Company defined models, silhouettes and styles of clothing created by Gabrielle Chanel in the 20s. Later there was an amazing English period. English tweed of typical national patterns and textures has become the material for classic Chanel suits, which are still worn by successful business women and state leaders as well as their accompanying persons at official black-tie events.

Dense, soft-to-touch textile wallpaper CHANCE on a non-woven basis is antistatic, hypoallergenic, protected from dirt, moisture and mechanical damage thanks to the latest production technologies, and it also does not fade under the sunlight and can be vacuum cleaned. The width of CHANCE wallpaper roll is 140cm. Depending on the design, you can apply the rolls horizontally. This will make it possible to almost seamlessly cover the interior space. For example, the classic houndstooth pattern (in Russian it is called «goose’s foot») looks identical both horizontally and vertically. So is the Scottish plaid in 8 colors: dark gray anthracite, light gray ash, ivory, caramel, creamy. The design of CHANCE "Herringbone" is laconic and subtle, charming thanks to the elegant simplicity of the pattern and it’s natural colors: apricot, morning mist, terracotta, antique gold, wet stone. On these rolls you can notice a dim mysterious sparkle at a certain angle. More complex graphics of «goose’s foot" interspersed with a checkered fabric, when both designs seem to dissolve into each other, looks original and would look great both in a classic and in an ultra fashionable hi-tech interior. Matte CHANCE wallpaper in black and white (classical Chanel), in red with creamy or in gray with blue are available along with the same pattern but looking more glamorously. CHANCE wallpaper in the color of coffee latte, gray-silver, golden-pale yellow will slightly shine under the electric lighting.

CHANCE textile wallpaper with a complex configuration of large and small graphite diamonds in nine shades of gray and beige looks very impressive. Some of these designs also have a glamorous sparkle. The highlight of the CHANCE wallpaper collection is the 140cm wide companion fabrics of the same tones, textures and patterns. Imagine how the lush draperies on the windows assembled in folds would look together with the CHANCE textile wallpaper, having the same pattern and texture. The voluminous textured CHANCE fabrics and the same wallpaper, apart from all other advantages, perfectly isolate the interior from noise and light, providing the residents with the complete comfort.

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