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  • 26 September 2022
  • 1682

Flowers, animals and birds on FLORA & FAUNA wallpaper

Monochrome wallpaper with a jute texture in nude and sea blue colors, as well as wallpaper imitating sailing boats coarse linen in pastel and dark blue shades, would serve as perfect companions for original designs with FLORA & FAUNA prints. FLORA & FAUNA rolled wallpaper with a diagonal parquet "herringbone" print makes you feel a little nostalgic for natural materials finishings (stained oak, walnut, ash tree, Karelian birch), which over time become only better and look nobler having acquired some aristocratic gloss. 

The same associations and a feeling of warmth and comfort are brought by the wallpaper «wood trim» with horizontal, slightly rough-looking planks in uneven pale blue, ecru, light brown or milky color on the walls of the house a la Provence.

Decorative FLORA & FAUNA wallpaper with blue, yellow and gray ash tree leaves spread out, like in a herbarium, on a light background, creates an advantageous atmosphere and decorates the interior in nature or eco styles. It is known that ash tree is a beautiful, healing tree that has a protective function and is used as a talisman. Also in the FLORA & FAUNA wallpaper catalog, diamond-shaped leaves in blue-blue, gray and beige tones look very decorative.


Wallpaper with a paper finish coating is great not only because of the durability but also because of the high-quality reproduction of designer shades, as well as the finest pattern of prints. A blooming garden always evokes positive emotions and improves the mood. FLORA & FAUNA floral wallpaper makes the living space welcoming. Wallpaper in milky shades with flowering branches looks inviting into the depths of the imaginary garden. Cozy bedroom wallpaper with birds and fancy flowers on the branches appeal to many. The light tones of these rolls and the filigree pattern emphasize the elegance of the bedroom interior.


Wallpaper with geometric design FLORA & FAUNA can serve not only as an independent graphic decor. They would also be great companions for outstanding wallpapers with flora or fauna if they would need a neutral addition. Paper wall covering with small patterns in pastel colors is delicate and looks like natural cotton. Designer wallpaper with rings on spectacular black, blue plum, olive green, pistachio, and pink canvases resemble openwork grilles on opened windows of a house viewing the garden in a southern climate.

Someone would want to buy a stylish FLORA & FAUNA wallpaper with contour silhouettes of labrador dogs on a white, gray or blue background. After all, labradors are always cheerful and loving by nature, ready to learn and psychologically stable. Labrador’s love for water is endless. Wallpaper with sea fish is also very decorative. Peaceful fish with silver scales literally fill the water space on the FLORA & FAUNA wallpaper. Their sociability and activeness beat over the edge. The element of water is often close to people. Some of them would try to find particularly the wallpaper with sea fish prints.

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