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  • 29 December 2014
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Prague 2 - Glamour and luxury

Glamour and luxury, intricate Baroque motifs and elegancy of the Renaissance – all encompassed in our new Wallcovering Collection Prague 2 – the second edition of the renowned brand Studio 465 by KT Exclusive. The themes of this bestseller collection were inspired by one of the most mysterious and magical European Capitals – Prague. In this collection it is no longer an Evening Prague with its reflections of the street lights and neon signs in the dark river waters. The Prague 2 Collection is a spring morning Prague with warm pastel shades. The nutty aftertaste, notes of cinnamon and vanilla – it’s like having your morning cappuccino at the Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí), with a freshly-baked traditional Czech sweet pastry, so-called Trdelník. Ingenious patterns remind of white swans gliding serenely

across the waters of the Vlatava river at dawn. A memory of the last snowflakemelting in the spring sun.The vertical lines pay a tribute to the Gothic style in the same way as St. Vitus Cathedral cuts through the morning mist, seen from almost anywhere in the city. Although it’s not merry and playful Prague of the Gasek's "The Good Soldier Švejk", yet the tones of caramel-beer and frothy beer foam on the cooled tankard still predominate.

No wonder the capital of the Czech Republic is so proud of its beer brewing traditions and its old pubs – "Pivnice", where people always gathered around the table to share news and socialize – similar to a traditional “British Pub” that literally derives from a “Public Place”. The Prague 2 collection will be perfect for any kind of a living space, making it look more spacious and well-lit. It’s an ideal solution for a dining hall, drawing-room or a master bedroom. The Studio 465 designer wallcoverings are printed in our factory in the USA – a new generation of an eco-friendly production facility. The manufacturing process and printing technologies both meet the strictest environmental and quality standards.

Delicate soft textures and whimsical designs create a unique effect – once you step into a room decorated with these wallcoverings you feel surrounded by the soothing calmness, cosiness and comfort – it’s like snuggling under a fluffy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate. Everyday pressure, stress at work and the problems of the big city life will finally go away. And that’s when you quote Goethe's Faust: “Beautiful moment, do not pass away!“.

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