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  • 18 December 2022
  • 1746

THEO Trendy Textiles

The collection of interior textiles THEO continues developing the ideas of the European architect and artist Theo van Doesburg (Netherlands) concerning the unity of the house exterior and its internal decor, and general principles of space organization. Although van Doesburg, together with like-minded people (like legendary Mondrian, Kandinsky, and the creators of the Bauhaus school) became innovators at the beginning of the twentieth century, his work continues to influence global trends in the development of modern architecture and design. Theo van Doesburg as an artist worked in the manner of Cubism in the early twentieth century. All his paintings - Card Players (1917), Rag-time (1918) with a dancing couple, abstract compositions - are surprisingly modern and remain masterpieces for all time.

Thanks to the exquisite natural colors, THEO decorative fabrics would support all modern interiors from elegant classics to ultra fashionable hi-tech and loft. THEO fabrics contain threads of flax and natural wool, as well as polyester increasing their wear resistance. According to the Martindale scale, this decorative material has a rather high strength index - 30,000 units, which means it can be used even in public spaces with increased load. The width of the fabric is 300 cm and it can be used in any interior design. Voluminous curtains and draperies provide light and noise insulation to the space.

The trendy brown tones of THEO textiles remind us of the colors of fertile land, peat, sea rocks, and wet stone. These colors perfectly suit the solid interiors of offices and conference rooms.

Designer green shades (citrus, asparagus, jade, malachite, forest moss, and pine needles) bring you closer to the world of nature even in city apartments. Camouflage and khaki are trendy colors, which are emphasized by the motley tonal range of textile threads.

THEO wine tones of Bordeaux rose and marsala are noble. Curtains, draperies, and sofa cushions create a harmonious atmosphere of calm solemnity in living rooms and club spaces.

Milky white, warm gray, and juicy blue colors of THEO designer fabrics are saturated with tranquility and help to relax in recreational spaces.

Theo van Doesburg's artwork is known by diagonal angles that fill the image with dynamics. And it seems that THEO fabrics with a diagonal arrangement of textured threads bring us to the world culture of the beginning of the last century, the main trends of which are still relevant. Theo van Duisburg's creativity still stimulates the emergence of new forms in architecture, art, interior design, and landscape organization.




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