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Warm Christmas with Peel & Stick Wallpapers

We are excited to introduce our "Warm Christmas" designs as part of our Inspiration Stories series for the upcoming Holidays. Wallpaper is Atmosphere, We all want snow for the new year! Nothing creates the atmosphere of the New Year holiday like a Christmas tree and snowflakes circling outside the window or flying on the walls in the house. We are excited to introduce our new edge cut technology product - Special self-adhesive Peel & stick design wallpapers. The new product have been created for a fancy interior decoration, Self-adhesive wallpapers with New Year's motifs are surprisingly practical: just remove the protective film from the inside and press it against a smooth and clean wall. Then spread it over with a plastic spatula and the wallpaper will adhere firmly to the wall. If necessary, you can easily remove them from the wall and stick them back on, even several times. You can use this quality not only on the walls, but also on doors, cupboard furniture or even in elevators to achieve the desired atmosphere in the interior. A mother-of-pearl or gray-blue background, like snow drifts in daylight and at winter twilight.

These designs come in two colors: snowflakes in silver and gold, in the cozy warm colors. Warm your winter and bright your home with "Warm Christmas" designs, fill your Home with Holiday atmosphere by yourself with Peel & Stick wallpaper just in a short time. You can peel it off easily and save it for the next Holidays. Bright, decorative Christmas socks prepared for Santa's presents speak for the anticipation of waiting for them.


Even adults look forward to the happiness of this time of year, not to mention the children for whom Santa Claus is really all-powerful, gives love and joy. The self-adhesive designed wallpaper with red chocolate plaid enlivens the interior in both a classic and contemporary style in harmony with purple decorative elements. Green decorative Christmas tree patterns with gracefully glowing red Lappish reindeer (including the reindeer, Rudolph, with the cheerful red tip of his nose from Santa's team) plunge into the atmosphere of New Year’s comfort and warmth of a trendy hygge style house. According to the eastern calendar, 2021 is the year of the White Bull. It starts on February 12, 2021, which means that the festive surroundings of the office, apartment, hallway, relaxation area, and much more.
The self-adhesive designed "Warm Christmas" wallpapers will be available from the end of November 2020 for about three months. From mid-January you can add to the New Year's atmosphere with self-adhesive wallpapers with New Year's themes, elements of oriental exoticism. Taurus is naturally strong and calm. The Year of the White Ox promises to leave the turmoil of life behind, to support appropriate efforts and to ensure peace and stability in society as well as in family relationships; to increase prosperity, but only through concerted efforts and hard work.

Everything that is invested will double - the White Bull always loves and supports the hardworking and benevolent. Snowflakes. Patterns of silver and gold snowflakes are planned on a milky-white canvas, which are similar to barely noticeable gray, almost shadows, which creates the effect of depth, thus optically enlarging the room and filling it with ease. Santa's stockings. Colorfully knitted with beautiful ethnic ornamentation, it looks as if the stockings were hung in a row above the fireplace in the house where a happy, large family of several generations lives. Firs and deer.
Dark green Christmas trees with symmetrical pine branches against the backdrop of drifting snow invite you to admire the beauty of the winter forest. Festive deer is ready to strap itself to Santa's sleigh to deliver all the presents to good children and beloved adults on time. Scottish plaid or tartan in purple and dark chocolate are timeless classics. The room becomes elegant. This article of the self-adhesive New Year's wallpaper is suitable for both classic and modern interiors.

An elegant check will not only work in children's rooms or dining rooms, but also in purely male offices in association with kilts. A mixed forest in shades of gray - these are tall pines and dense spruces and deciduous boumeds in winter and also small firs and pines (the most touching in a snowy forest). The white background is like drifting snow in which both slender conifers and bare maples, poplars and hazelnut trees are literally drowning. Voiced red spruce - a bright accent on monochrome self-adhesive wallpaper. You seem to have been chosen to be the center of the Christmas holidays and celebrations. Beautiful toys and decorations of all kinds are already in stock. The design is elegant, discreet and extremely artistic. No tree is optically repeated. A real snow forest in winter! The herringbone geometry consists of wallpaper in shades of white from snow-covered to creamy and rows of slender fir trees in light gray, dark green forest needles, cranberry red and blue-blue. Pyramid firs are decorated with a diagonal diamond and are associated with Scottish tartan or classic Berber or with forest gnomes herding. Exquisite prints are complemented by swirling Christmas red, gold and silver snowflakes with a desire for prosperity. Self-adhesive wallpaper with the right geometric pattern elegantly supports both classic and modern furniture. See all Christmas Designs >>>

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