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  • 28 August 2018

Canvas Textures - Fashionable wallcoverings

{datsopic:96099 left}Very fashionable, daring, stylish. The new collection Canvas Textures from KT Exclusive proves that modern wallpapers can also be really luxurious. Moreover, designers were able to find beauty and chic in the most familiar and simple textures, such as patina on metal or the mesh of thin cracks on a plastered wall. The Canvas Textures collection is incredibly picturesque. And, it's probably the first of its kind, thanks to its amazing palette. The colour scheme contains very rich, saturated, juicy shades and their unexpected elegant and attractive combinations: Cornflower Blue and Ochre, Turquoise and Copper, Chocolate and Pistachios. And you cannot find anyrestrained tones or dull colours. But at the same time – all tones belong to the eco-style palette and they are of 100% natural gamma. You must be ready, that the fashion wallpapers from Canvas Textures collection are unlikely to be just a background for furniture or paintings.

  • 25 February 2024

Textile wall covering CHANCE

{datsopic:107776} In the description of the famous CHANEL CHANCE fragrance of both eau de toilette and perfume (their difference is only in the degree of concentration), it is emphasized that they are at the same time classic and modern. You can’t choose better words talking about CHANCE textile wallpaper. It is all about the exquisite classic designs and stylish wall coverings produced with nanotechnologies. There is no other legendary personality in the fashion world than the French fashion designer and stylist Coco Chanel. For more than a hundred years (!) the possession of clothes, cosmetics, shoes and accessories with the French charm of the CHANEL brand name has been considered a marker of success all over the civilized world. The Chanel Fashion House has not only French roots.

  • 26 September 2022

Textured wallpapers STUDIO TEXTURES

{datsopic:105612}American STUDIO TEXTURES wallpaper for residential and public spaces credibly imitate natural fabrics. Such designs look fresh and original, add delicacy to the interiors and create great opportunities for pursuing the designer’s tasks. Decorative wallpaper in Boho style with a textured gauze pattern (fabric for summer clothes with ethnic elements) looks airy and soft, just like this material. The slight deformation of intertwined cotton or linen threads on STUDIO TEXTURES wallpaper looks very natural. The rich colors of Cahors wine, coffee beans, haze, dawn fog and blue ice are meant for the walls of offices, halls, bedrooms and living rooms and satisfy the most demanding tastes of the owners.

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