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  • 18 December 2022

DELAUNAY velvet textiles 

{datsopic:105679}The name of the decorative fabrics collection DELAUNAY is not by accident the same as the name of the French abstractionist of the early twentieth century Robert Delaunay. Being the author of the art direction Orphism Delaunay has created abstract paintings full of sensuality and expressive dynamics of color. His works are highly appreciated and can be seen in major museums around the world from Scotland to Japan and Australia. The velvets of the DELAUNAY textile collection have short fibers and visually and by touch resemble the softest suede. The balanced color palette in 45 basic tones and the finest shades of coffee and chocolate, cinnamon and malachite, powdered mustard bark and lime peel, terracotta and ripe pomegranate peel, mint and basil leaves, sea waves and the night sky, all looking exquisite and decorative. Rich lilac and cherry tones, merlot, fuchsia and marsala, olives and pistachio fascinate with the nobility of shades and dimmed velvety softness.

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