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  • 28 August 2018
  • 7923

Fusion - Modern wallpapers collection

KT Exclusive presents Fusion - a new collection of fashionable wallpapers - this is a way to create a very stylish interior with notes of your personality. Fusion style replaced the very popular minimalism and constructivism and it really lets your fancy fly. Fusion is a true stylistic hooliganism. The word means blending and merging. It's a fashionable and often quite explosive cocktail: classic columns can be combined with tiger skins on the floor or shining glass and chrome high-tech is complemented by ethnic motives on the wallpaper. The colour-scheme is a very important part of this style. Fusion requires bright colours: yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green. But they should be in the right proportions with the basic colours of the style: white, grey and brown. Basically, you achieve the brightness by usage of colour patches. This could be cushions on the sofa or a wallpaper on the accent wall and in the niche. Vivid animal and floral designs are ideal for making accents, like in such designs as the ZEBRA (a graceful stylized animal skin pattern), GINKO LEAF (thin silhouettes of Ginkgo leaves, look more like something for China fans) or the very cosy BERRIES title (clusters of berries, seem as if they were drawn with silver and gold paint on the fabric).

The Fusion denies any rules and restrictions. Therefore, as companions for the florals, you don't need to use only neutral textured wallpapers, such as a simulation of plant fibers (GRASSCLOTH title), or to complement the main pattern with classical stripes. However, Fusion designer wallpapers present no simple and boring stripes, but very stylish and modern striped designs: dotted lines of the STRIPE IKAT title or textured volume bands resembling a straw mat of the STRIPES title.

It's not prohibited in the modern fusion style to combine or even to push together bright florals with geometrical patterns.

The Fusion collection offers an interesting selection of lattice ornaments. There is the classic pattern "quatrefoil", which is suitable for both, a strict Gothic and a lush Oriental style (MOROCCAN TILE, MOROCCAL TILE BEADS and GEO titles); or a fancy hexagonal pattern, similar to a honeycomb (DIAMONDS and INLAY titles), or a Circle - another geometric pattern, that is used more and more often by famous designers of the interior.

And it doesn’t matter if the circles are large or small like dots, whether they are drawn in straight rows (CIRCLES and BEAD CIRCLES titles) or as a net of interwoven circles (the IKAT LATTICE title) – in any case, a Circle works as an element of decor, that helps to make the space calm, harmonious and balanced. Fashionable wallcoverings in fusion style will wake up your imagination and creativity. They let you be bold and stylish at the same time. The Fusion collection will give a bright touch to the decoration of your home.

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