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The exclusive collection of seamless Italian textile wall coverings Faberge, from the EPOCA brand by KT Exclusive, is an attempt in our pragmatic era to immerse oneself deeply into the world of the elite and aristocracy, to feel like a member of royal blood. Eternal classical motifs and the refined creations of designers, along with fresh, meticulously considered color concepts, allow transforming any space into a dazzling treasure, a shining work of art, hence the name of the collection, inspired by the famous masters of the Faberge house. The color palette dazzles the imagination with its inventiveness: here, you will encounter the turquoise coolness of the morning and the fresh vitality of chrysolite, the golden glow of the sun and the deep sea sapphire, the ruby red sunset and the pearl-like iridescence of pearl. The delicate, refined taste, combined with luxury and glamour, is intended to give the interior a sense of grandeur while preserving coziness, completeness, and perfection. Moreover, the 295 cm wide fabric wallpapers by Faberge have excellent thermal insulation and sound-absorbing properties, as well as resistance to UV radiation, and the materials from which they are made belong to the category of fire-resistant and environmentally friendly materials.

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